ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's The Little Things That Count

It doesn’t take bright colors and bold accessories to make a statement with an outfit. At times, it is more about the tiny details that say the most when it comes to fashion. Instead of trying to cram as many trends and colors into one outfit, focusing on smaller details such as patterns and colors, which can really make an outfit shine.

This Fashionisto created a unique outfit that doesn’t have bright colors and loud patterns, but it still makes him stand out. This Fashionisto really plays with texture in his outfit. He incorporates a variety of different textures into his outfit, but he keeps the colors fairly muted so his outfit doesn’t seem overwhelming. He interweaves waxed denim shorts, a knitted cardigan and a button-up shirt all into one ensemble.

Instead of going for traditional denim shorts to beat the heat, this Fashionisto went for a pair of black waxed denim shorts. The great thing about waxed denim is that they give the appearance of leather without the insulation that leather provides, which is perfect when you want to beat the heat. He also went for a knitted cardigan instead of plain cotton one. A knitted cardigan is a great way to add a bit of subtle texture without being to obvious. His shorts and cardigan add the perfect amount of texture without going overboard.

Upon looking closer at this outfit, I noticed that his button-down actually had a subtle pattern on it. Choosing quiet patterns that almost blend into the shirt is another great way of incorporating more depth and personality into an outfit without going overboard. This Fashionisto uses his keen sense of detail to coordinate his socks to his shirt. It is small details like this that really demonstrate this Fashionisto’s personal style.

How To: If you want to make your outfit stand out but not stick out like a sore thumb, go for subtle pattens and textures to make an outfit that is all your own.