ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's The Little Things

The paisley pattern of the bandana is truly iconic, and you can’t go wrong with styling it. Actually though, there’s no wrong way to wear one.

Whether you are using your bandana as a belt, hair tie, headband, choker, necktie, or an accessory to tie onto the strap of your handbag, the bandana shows that details are important. There are a number of ways to wear this little accessory to fit your personal style, when it comes to the bandana you simply can’t go wrong.

If you tend to have a preppy style, placing a bandana underneath the collar of your shirt can create a cute and casual look. If you love to be bold, knotting a bandana at the top of your head with winged eyeliner will make you look like a modern ’50s queen.

This Fashionista showed off her style with a graphic T-shirt tucked into a fitted jean skirt. A simplistic outfit without lots of pattern is the route to go if you want your details to stick out. She paired this outfit with buckled ankle boots that can be worn during any season. Her fishnets ankle socks bring an edgy and modern flare to her bohemian look. This Fashionista shows us that juxtaposing a softer outfit with modern and edgy details can bring us the best of both worlds. Another detail that this Fashionista rocks is a double horn necklace, adding to her bohemian flare.

To tie up the outfit, literally, she used a tan bandana to accentuate her high pony-tail. This Fashionista shows us that you can use the same bandana in a multitude of ways, by tying it to her black chain bag. A bandana is the detail to go to when you want to appreciate the little things!