ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s Plaid And Simple

You know what I love the most about fashion? How it is so recyclable. Every little trend in fashion goes in cycle and given about ten more years, the next thing you know, those wide-legged bell-bottoms you were rocking to school in third grade will be sitting on your chair for your tomorrow’s class. It is pretty tight!

With plaid though, I do not think it was even gone for that long. I think I remember wearing it back in high school. Or maybe towards the end of middle school, and now it is back. Fashionistas/os wear this in all different ways. I have seen the whole trend where people are tying it around their waist, on top of all the articles of clothing they are wearing. I have seen guys wear it a nice pair of distressed denim shorts. I saw this one outfit the other day and the guy had the monochromatic thing going on, and he was wearing a black plaid shirt and black joggers with black Birkenstocks. It really was a nice outfit, and I am kind of sad I did not stop to get a picture! Anyway, personally, I have bought a men’s plaid shirt in a size fifty times bigger than me, turned it into a dress and wore it with a pair of strappy heels and a fur clutch. Talk about opposites attract! I received so many compliments on my ensemble. There are so many ways to make use of this plaid fashion trend.

This Fashionista wears a plaid printed dress in a blue hue. She is wearing it with a pair of tan wedges, which complements the dark blue in her dress. For accessories, she has on a rose gold watch and a few bracelets, along with an oversized blush purse.

How To: Find yourself a plaid dress like this one. Pull out your wedges or even some platform heels from your closet. Grab your favorite statement bag, and you are ready to go!