Any masterpiece finds its strength in the details of its components. Want to make a minimalist look stand out? Pay attention to the details of every piece that constitutes it! From the texture of the top to the type of accessories added, the secret to a remarkable look is in the details. The more discreet and intricate they are, the more remarkable the outfit can be!

Whoever said minimalist fashion is boring needs to reconsider. This Fashionista has mastered the concept of making neutral pieces stand out with flair. Her top is an absolute showstopper! The floral crochet lace detail gives the outfit an instant touch of elegance and, together with the sheer fabric, gives the look an undeniably feminine side. The off-the-shoulder feature of the blouse is fun and summery, and gives off a flirtatious vibe.

Keeping up with white tones, this Fashionista pairs the top with some white skinny jeans. An all-white look is perfect for summer! It feels fresh and light and it beats the heat in style. Her pink cross-body bag adds more coherence to the outfit by maintaining the neutral color theme; it also accentuates the feminine aspect of the look. Her sandals are trendy and comfortable, and ideal for a day in the city. This outfit is perfect for date night, an art and jazz soiree or a dinner cruise. It is fancy and reveals just the right amount of skin in a flattering, feminine way.

How To: When you go for a minimal look, make each individual piece stand out by carefully pairing interesting textures together. Add some cool accessories, like a bright colored clutch or pair of sunglasses that are total eye candies!