All IN THE DETAILS: It's All About That Plaid!

Hello there, readers! The weather here in New York has been quite a roller coaster ride. One minute, it’s raining and the next, the sun appears. However, that is all a part of the New York City summer charm. I’ve learned to just roll with it. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if it is rainy or sunny. A day in this city is always just right to get a cup of coffee, visit Strand bookstore and go to the farmer’s market.

On a beautiful day, I decided to walk all the way to Central Park from Union Square and on the way there, I spotted this Fashionista. She was leaning on a gray building using her phone when I saw her wearing a denim jacket with a pair of high-waisted black and white plaid pants. Her white loafers were a great touch, especially because her plaid pants were ankle length. Everything fit perfectly. The part that I like most about her outfit is that it fits for every season; add a few more layers, and one can rock it in the winter, as well! That’s the great thing about using patterns—you can sport them for all four seasons.

This is a great outfit to wear on a casual day. Whether one is running errands, hanging out with friends or spending time at a bookstore, this look fits all of those occasions and that is what makes it special.

How To: Sport a pattern that will fit for every season like this Fashionista did and pair it with some of your favorite pieces. Also, don’t forget one of the most important rules for being a Fashionista/o, and that is to own it!