ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's A Scarf Party

One of the most versatile accessories, that works with any outfit almost any time of the year is the simple scarf. In the warmer weather, scarves can be utilized to add some fashionable flair while in the colder weather, scarves provide warmth as well. From Burberry to Hermès, scarves of all patterns and material have been a staple in the designer fashion world for years. With their practicality and notoriety in high-fashion, there is no doubt that scarves are one of the most popular accessories to don.

This Fashionista exemplifies the perfect way to style a scarf in the weather that comes with the winter-to-spring transition. Wearing a monochromatic black ensemble, this Fashionista pairs a loose black dress with a black leather moto jacket. To make the outfit a little more weather appropriate, this Fashionista also added opaque tights and short chelsea boots. To break up the dark canvas that her all black outfit creates, this Fashionista wears a plaid scarf consisting of multiple tones of light and dark gray.

This Fashionista’s plaid scarf becomes the centerpiece of her outfit, as the light tones of the gray contrast drastically against her monochromatic black outfit. Wearing scarves this way allows for one of the most popular accessories in fashion to stand out in your ensemble. To wear scarves in a unique way, you can contrast the tones of your scarf and outfit, like this Fashionista did, or you pair your ensemble with a bright colored or boldly patterned scarf. Particularly in London, it seems to be an extremely popular style to simply drape the scarf over your shoulders, parodying a cape look like this.

How To: Is the weather being a little sporadic and you are not sure for what temperature to dress? Whether matched with a leather jacket, vest or peacoat, adding a light-material scarf to your outfit can help with the weather-confusion that spring brings.