ALL IN THE DETAILS: Iridescent Statements

Every new season, everyone is wondering what is going to be the new color scheme this time around. We are no longer stuck in our old ways of blacks, neons or pastels. Don’t get me wrong, these color choices are fabulous, but it’s time that we upgrade to something fresh. The fashion world has become innovative while still drawing from style in the past with the new trend of the season, which is iridescent statement pieces. Why settle for just seeing one color in your wardrobe choice? Iridescent reflects light off of the fabric, aiding you to see the piece as different colors at various angles. Now, I don’t ever want to hear people say that fashion can’t be scientific.

This recent fashion trend has taken form in nail polish, purses, jewelry and even shoes. This Fashionista rocks a statement necklace with iridescent gems and stones to make the outfit really pop. It is a good idea to stay neutral in your outfit choice colors when accessorizing this way since you don’t want your outfit to be too loud. The white blazer and pale tan blouse combination make sure that the detail of the outfit is all in the necklace.

The reason that this trend is so interesting is because it combines a truly fun fabric while still making sure the style and design of the pieces are elegant and fashion-forward, especially with the jewelry. I noticed that the iridescent trend was becoming hot when I realized how hard it was to find pieces that were using the fabric. I would see pictures of the style on Tumblr and Pinterest, but it was not readily available in retail. This type of phenomenon always leads to me believe that the trend is going to be super big in no time.

How To: Don’t be afraid to be different, take the initiative to wear something cool and innovative and I bet you will see that people love the iridescent look. Start small and buy some jeweled iridescent stud earrings or you can even order some iridescent nail polish to freshen up your manicure.