ALL IN THE DETAILS: Interpreter Style

Whether they’re finishing homework while listening to music, eating while updating their Facebook pages or reading emails while walking to class, students are usually multitasking. Students also multitask by joining organizations and getting jobs. They add on to their role as a student and become a student athletes, student employees and more. As a result, their wardrobe has a section that belongs specifically to those roles. Sometimes these roles overlap and there’s not enough time to divide the two. For example, you’ll see students wearing their athletic clothing to class because they didn’t have enough time to change right after practice. This Fashionisto did the same thing, only his sport is interpreting and his athletic clothing is a suit and tie.

It is not often you see a college student dressed up on campus during the summer. I seized the opportunity for a few photographs when I saw this Fashionisto. I asked him what the special occasion was and he explained that he is an interpreter and just finished work. He was heading to his 12 o’clock class when I caught him. At Gallaudet University, we have American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. Generally, interpreters have a “dress code” they have to follow. This Fashionisto’s outfit focuses on the light blue to black spectrum. He uses a light blue button-up and contrasts it with a navy blue blazer. He pairs dark gray pants, a black belt and black loafers. He tops his look off with a pinstripe tie that’s not too busy for the eyes. The pinstripes in the tie pull together the light blue and navy blue colors. In my opinion, his look makes the perfect interpreter outfit!

How To: Want to wear a suit but don’t want feel like your outfit is plain? Add a little spice by throwing on a simple pattern as the focus for your look.