ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hundreds and Thousands

When the days and nights start to get colder, it’s easy to opt for a neutral, basic outfit that matches the bleak weather (and possibly your mood). This Fashionista definitely didn’t fall into that trap with this lively weekend outfit.

Up close, I got to see how truly intricate this sweater is—not just in the various types of knits and patterns involved, which I love, but in the myriad of colors present. It reminded me of rainbow sprinkles, and who doesn’t want to be reminded of those? I instantly wanted a cupcake. Coupled with your favorite pair of jeans, this is definitely the ultimate sweater for when you’re feeling fun and colorful, but want to stay comfortable and cozy on those colder days.

This Fashionista’s neon blue-green nail polish contrasts perfectly with the sweater. Had she chosen an orange or pink shade for her nails, which are already main elements in her outfit, it would have gotten lost among all of the vibrant colors in the sweater. This bright color choice adds a perfect pop and really draws the eye.

Let’s move on to the other accessory choices this Fashionista made. The simple silver bracelet and ring add a little extra sparkle, without going too complex and distracting from the rest of the outfit. Similarly, these brown ankle boots keep with the earthy tone of the outfit, notably the orange in the sweater. Not only are these shoes chic, but they also look insanely comfortable and relaxed.

How To: When you’re wearing a piece of clothing with a lot of detail or noise, finding a contrasting nail polish color is important to ensure the outfit doesn’t look too busy. If you’re looking for your next perfect chunky knit sweater, find one that incorporates brioche or cable knits—this way, your outfit will not only be warm, but full of interesting details too.