Neutral tones are undoubtedly a classic wardrobe staple for Fashionsta/os of all tastes and styles. Personally, I love donning neutrals in my every day wear; however, I prefer spicing up each outfit with a little bit of color. Whether it is a pair of green ballet flats, a multi-hued statement necklace or a richly colored sweater, adding some color into any type of outfit instantly adds an eye-catching appeal. Just the right amount of color can transform a simple appearance into a standout outfit.

This Fashionista subtly assimilated warm hues of blue into her style. The small cerulean flowers that adorn her chiffon shirt enhance her classic look. The shirt provides a fitting amount of juxtaposition to her ensemble by offering a bright contrast against her dark wash jeans and brown leather boots. This Fashionista affixes an elegant accessory allotment to her outfit by way of her silver monogram necklace and ring choice. Her carefully crafted look is a perfect example of how to easily integrate a splash of diverse shades into a daily wardrobe choice.

Blue is a diverse and highly complementary color to incorporate into all types of wardrobe styles. Here is a beautiful blue handbag, a light blue textured turtleneck and an embellished royal blue skirt.

How To: Do you think your outfit is looking too drab? Are the colors generating a lackluster look? Complement a neutral or plain look by adding a pop of color. Wear your favorite black skinny jeans with a pair of chestnut brown booties. Add a royal blue shirt with a neutral colored cardigan for a sleek and chic ensemble.