ALL IN THE DETAILS: How to Keep that Sparkle in the New Year

January 27th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: How to Keep that Sparkle in the New Year

Hey y’all, it’s Caroline! I don’t know about you, but when I was watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet I realized that the best dressed all had one common denominator. From Emma Stone to Lily Collins to Priyanka Chopra, everyone sparkled. Today I’m showing you how to keep that New Year’s Eve sparkle and shine well into the New Year.

Personally, I love dresses. Whenever I wear a dress everyone comments on how put together I look when really, a dress or romper is so much easier than thinking of a top and bottom combination. Dresses are the best of both worlds, not only for aesthetics but also for convenience. Here I’m wearing a new silver dress I got from Dor L’Dor, a NYC boutique. I love how this dress flows, especially when it shimmers in the light. Plus, it is super comfortable. I paired it with a button down denim jacket/shirt from Mudd that I got from my mom’s closet. She was going through old clothes from the ’80s and ’90s and was going to toss it, but when I spotted it I knew I had to have it. I also wore silver and gold jewelry, gold cowboy boots from Ariat, and my Michael Kors medium jet set travel tote in gold.

Yes, it is winter, but in the South that may as well be a joke. Coming from Jersey I relish in the warmer winters Virginia provides. I love getting to wear dresses in winter due to the warmer climate.

My favorite piece of this entire outfit would either have to be the jean shirt/jacket or the cowboy boots. I wear the jacket all the time. I’ll wear it with a sweater, scarf, and pants when it’s colder or I’ll throw it over a dress like I did here when it’s warmer. It is very convenient to have a bulky light layer I can just throw on in various weather. The cowboy boots I got as a birthday present this past November when I had a trip planned to go to Tennessee and I wasn’t sure if I had time to buy boots there. Unfortunately the trip was canceled, but I still got a great pair of boots out of it.

I finished off this outfit with my trusty Alex and Ani compass necklace, my silver watch, a gold wire ring, and a gold roll on bracelet. While I can admire statement pieces, I really wanted the dress to be the statement in terms of this outfit. I really do enjoy minimalist jewelry. Plus, name a more iconic duo than silver and gold—I’ll wait.