ALL IN THE DETAILS: How Do You Beanie?

As I walk the halls of Savannah College of Art and Design, I see the “hipster” look every way I turn. Almost every student that attends this college buys clothes from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and American Apparel. In Savannah, Georgia, the weather has been very cold this season—once the temperature dropped below freezing! This look transitions from fall to winter very easily and smoothly.

I am a huge accessory fanatic because I think they complete the look. The details in this Fashionisto’s style is what drew me to his look. I loved how edgy it felt while still looking very nice and put together. I think that it was really neat how his backpack for school even matched his style! His outfit looks very casual, but it still has that hipster vibe to it. He is wearing a T-shirt with a graphic design, and he layered it with a button-down. His glasses are also a nice detail to bring this whole look together. Although all these details are unique, his beanie is what sets him apart from anyone else. The beanie is bright red and it is a must-have in this cold weather! I think it is amazing how one little detail can make an outfit shift instantly from boring to scoring!

How To: This look is a very simple and casual look, so all you need to replicate this look is to put together a graphic T-shirt, a button-down, a backpack that matches your style and a beanie.