ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hot Under The Collar

Have you ever noticed that the outfit you love just won’t work with a necklace? Maybe the neckline is too high, or the style isn’t cohesive. Either way, your neck is left feeling bare and sad. This Fashionista found a easy fix that is incredibly versatile and cute! Behold the wonders of a collar. This detailing can come attached to a shirt or even solo, making it easy to pair with a variety of outfits.

This Fashionista takes full advantage of the Peter Pan collar by adding it to her black sweater. Paired with the printed leggings, the top balances out the busyness of the bottoms. The glittery collar adds interest to the solid sweater, making each part of the ensemble stand out in a different way. The collar’s rhinestone overlay makes this outfit have an easy transition to nightwear. This Fashionista adds some fun bracelets to further accessorize her outfit.

How To: Because collars are so versatile, finding ways to incorporate them into everyday outfits is so easy. Try finding a detachable collar to layer over printed or neutral collarless shirts. If you happen to buy a collar attached to a shirt, it’s always a possibility to layer it under or over a dress. Try rocking a sleeveless dress over a long sleeve collared shirt with tights for the colder days on campus. Another idea is to buy a gold necklace collar, and wear it with a plain T-shirt to create simple interest in a basic outfit. Add some fun makeup, and you’re good to go!