The sun, along with the humidity, has been a killer here on Long Island. It can be really hard to want to do your hair or put on a cute outfit because it is so hot and you feel like it will just be a waste of time. I for one feel like my hair will become undone again and I will be sweating in my clothes (EW, sweating) and it will leave you feeling like you wasted a lot of time.

BUT there is a simple solution to both of these problems: a wide brim hat! These are perfect because for one, it is a great accessory. While being a great accessory, it also doubles as a great protector from the sun and creates the perfect amount of shade around you (goodbye sunburnt face and shoulders). The wide brim hat also creates a great way to hide your frizzy hair; it’s a twofer.

This Fashionista’s wide brim hat is the perfect color for this summer. The black hat with a brightly colored yellow stripe created the perfect amount of color pop for a summer day. It is so easy to pair these hats with any of your summer outfits. This Fashionista paired her hat with a cute black romper and a great pair of black wedges to match.

How To: Some people say that they are not a “hat person,” but anyone can look really good in a wide brim hat. It’s all about finding the right size for you!