With below-freezing temperatures and inclement weather we’ve experienced in areas this winter, it can be a challenge trying to dress stylishly while staying warm at the same time. For us Fashionistas, dressing for the cold is arguably forgiving with cute ponchos and over-the-knee boots. But for Fashionistos it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of just throwing on your largest jacket, boots and heading out the door without even making a final check in the mirror. One solution for this: a scarf.

Men’s scarves are a trend that we’ve been seeing all over the runway from designer brands such as Phillip Lim to Burberry. Today’s Fashionisto rocks a chunky gray infinity scarf to keep his neck warm and stay in style. He wears a black bomber jacket (another trend we’ve seen a lot of for both men and women) and a pair of black skinny jeans. The black pieces create the perfect canvas for the splash of color that comes from his red shirt. Solid-colored shirts are versatile and give you the option of mixing and matching with other pieces in your wardrobe. A pair of gray high-top shoes emphasizes the scarf and helps equally spread the gray colors in the outfit. All that this super simple ensemble requires are five garments you may already own in your closet. The end result? Nice and warm and effortlessly stylish.

Scarves are absolutely for both sexes and can be just as masculine as they can be feminine. They protect your neck from the cold and potentially snow (if it’s windy!). Besides their obvious utility, scarves are a closet staple. They can spice things up by adding color to a dull outfit and provide an additional element. You can make a scarf the focal point or utilize one to complement a different part of your outfit. Scarves come in different sizes, materials and prints, making them the perfect accessory to complete your look.

How To: Look for materials that are really going to keep you warm, like cashmere and wool. Scarves can be worn in multiple ways, so experiment with the different ways to wear your scarf (you can even wear a regular scarf as an infinity scarf). Neutral shades like black and camel make good basic pieces, but if you’re feeling bold try a print or pattern.