ALL IN THE DETAILS: Horizontal Horror Nights

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Horizontal Horror Nights

Today’s detail and focus I want to elaborate on is horizontal stripes. Many fear the use of horizontal stripes, as we’ve all been taught that it can make one appear wider. However, I don’t think we should steer away from a certain pattern due to fear of a possible unwanted body shape. Rather, I believe we should utilize our knowledge and awareness of fashion to create a stunning bold look. So by the end of this article I hope to bust the myths regarding why we shouldn’t use horizontal stripes as a main detail!

My Fashionista today has chosen to use horizontal stripes as her main focal point, which I think is a great detail pattern to work with as it is so versatile. Horizontal stripes can be dressed up or down easily depending on the rest of the pieces it’s paired with. This Fashionista decided to go with a casual glam look by pairing it with some strappy flats, jewelry and a black bomber jacket. This look has an edgy, yet girly look from the bodycon dress, accessories and darker toned colors, which is perfect for fall.

By pairing a bomber jacket on top with more horizontal striped details, a more flattering shape can be achieved. The small opening from the unzipped jacket combats the widening affects of the horizontal stripes on the dress. By outlining a small vertical section of the upper body, it gives a slimming effect. While horizontal stripes may begin to appear repetitive and bland, accessorizing is key to counteract this illusion. This Fashionista’s statement necklace reveals a small touch of a unique pattern on top of the horizontal stripes, giving the look more than just one dimension. While horizontal stripes may appear shortening on some, sneakers, high-tops or boots may enhance this effect so flats and/or sandals are probably the best way to go.

By now, I hope you can feel more courageous to try those patterns you’ve been purposely avoiding. Don’t forget that with the right matching, you can rock any outfit! As always, the best detail we can wear is confidence and a smile.