August 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s summer in the states and to many that means one thing: baseball. And for those trying to avoid the sun it means baseball caps. These hats have always being a staple in many people’s closets but they are making a comeback in a big way. No longer is the trend focused solely on sports teams, instead it has been moving toward simpler styles. This simplicity allows for more versatile parings such as caps with dresses and more formal styles. So whether you are supporting your favorite baseball team (go Cubs!) or trying to hide a bad hair day, caps are the perfect summer accessory staple in anyone’s wardrobe.

Even if you aren’t headed to the ballpark this summer, these hats can change the look of any outfit. This Fashionista effortlessly combines the cap with a dress pulling together two usually separate styles. The slightly visible sports bra continues the sporty vibe provided by the hat while adding a flirtatious element. The denim dress, on the other hand, provides a more feminine look while still keeping the outfit casual.

By pairing a navy dress with a yellow hat, the different pieces of the outfit complement each other. Another option would be to match colors, creating an extension of your look. Whichever you choose, baseball caps are a fun way to switch up your style while also keeping the sun out of your eyes.

How To: Not sure how to pull it off? Keep the hat free of major logos or lettering and chose a similar or contrasting color for the rest of your outfit. The cap should be an extension of your look, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it!