ALL IN THE DETAILS: Home For The Holidays

As the torture of exams slowly comes to an end and we say farewell to those unbearable 8:00 a.m. classes, I can say with confidence that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, the time has come to pack those bags and head home for the holidays. Now, let’s face it, packing for winter break isn’t easy. You either take home one too many bags, or not nearly enough. With so many occasions to dress for around this time of year, deciding what to pack becomes a much too difficult task. My suggestion? Save yourself the trouble and take a trip to to your local mall for an awesome travel bag (any excuse to shop right, am I right?).

This Fashionista caught my eye as she headed home from her last exam (lucky, I know) with the most #RAD duffle bag. Simple, classic and an all black color makes this bag a long term investment, as it matches absolutely anything you could choose to wear. The size is suited for a few week stay at home, with a detachable strap to carry the bag on your shoulder. Rocking a knitted poncho, some pleather leggings and a floppy wide brim hat, this Fashionista knows how to travel in style. Her choice of dark colors make this outfit chic and travel-friendly, so whether it’s spilt coffee or toothpaste, this Fashionista’s getup is a stain-free zone. She adds some dimension to her look with some simple silver bracelets and rings, as well as some winter-friendly heeled boots.

So for all you Fashionistas out there deciding between that favorite sweater and those brand new heels, save yourself the sacrifice and invest in a good travel bag—that way, you can bring both.

It’s been #RAD guys. Happy Holidays!

How To: Recreate this outfit in less than five minutes with any pair of tight bottoms, a loose knitted top and a beanie or floppy hat.