All In The Details: Holy Converse, Batman!

I love adding personal touches to outfits. Wearing a T-shirt with your favorite band’s logo or with a quote from your favorite movie is a great way to express your individualism. This week’s Fashionista sported some killer Batman-themed Converse that would make any superhero jealous. This unique touch to her outfit showed her love for the Batman fandom while the rest of the pieces worked to make this outfit street-style worthy.

All of the pieces in her outfit had distinct patterns or textures that make them staple items in themselves. What pulled this look together was expertly coordinating the teal color throughout. The Batman Converse had a lot of colors and picking any of them to build a color palette off of would have been a great foundation for her outfit. By choosing a teal top, it coordinates with the teal color on her shoes and brings the eyes upward. The lace detailing on the shirt adds some texture to the outfit that draws the eyes in even further. I love that the Fashionista didn’t take a safe route with her bottoms. By wearing a skirt she immediately creates a juxtaposition between the casualness of the converse and the femininity of a skirt. Choosing a black and white print for the skirt adds even more dimension to the outfit. The reason this pattern on pattern coordination works is because the shoes have black and white in them as well. The skirt also featured usable pockets, which is a must-have for any Fashionista on the go.

In theory, having pieces with this many contrasting prints and textures may be overwhelming, but by matching them with the same color palette and a classic fit, it creates an effortlessly cool look. Finishing off with matching teal nail polish pulls the whole look together and demonstrates the intentionality of all the pieces. This Fashionista proves that you can show your love for a fandom in merchandized gear and still look chic.

How To: What’s your favorite cartoon character? What’s your favorite movie? What’s your favorite band? Pick a favorite something or other and search online for unique clothing or accessories that lets you show off this passion. Pair the item with other staples in your closet, keeping in mind to stick to a color palette if your merchandised item has a wild pattern. Then wear your outfit confidently while proudly showing off your love for Batman (or whatever fandom you belong to).