The featured Fashionista is rocking a versatile outfit perfect for class, lunch or even studying. She is relaxed and stylish using great accessories to complete her look. Her outfit is simple black and white, but she added hints of blue to brighten up her look.

For her outfit, she used layering that allowed her to feel comfortable during this period of indecisive weather we have been having. She starts off with a light blue halter bralette that adds a pop of color under her simple scoop neck white tank. On top, she wore a light cardigan that was made out of a blend of colors ranging from beige to light blue. The cardigan tied in her neutral colors with the hints of blue seen in both her accessories and her bralette.

She paired this ensemble with distressed black jeans. An item every Fashionista should have. She did a fantastic job at taking a winter trend, like black jeans, and incorporating it into a spring look. To enjoy the weather, this Fashionista walks to class, but this means she needs to find comfortable walking shoes. She chose to wear a pair of adidas sneakers that are a current fad and are also crazy comfortable.

This Fashionista’s bracelets were made by a student on campus, but any layered bracelets can complement a look. Her bracelets mix well together and have a variety of colors ranging from turquoise and periwinkle to neutrals and rust. She also selected silver rings and a pair of studs. Her final touch was her round blue sunglasses which make all the other hints of blue really stand out.

How To: The key to this outfit is finding a color that works for you. For this Fashionista, accents of blue were used to bring the black and white outfit to life. So go ahead and pick a color and accessorize with bracelets, a bralette, sunglasses or a necklace, all in that same color.