ALL IN THE DETAILS: Here Comes the Sun Do Do Do Doo

I’ve been on a Beatles kick recently, listening to their music 24/7 and this morning, something ironic happened. As the brightness of the morning sun rays trickled its way through the tree leaves and into my dorm room, casting an illuminating effect which woke me up, my phone subsequently began to play my alarm music, “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. Indeed, the sun is here. As I got ready to walk to class, I made sure to bring my favorite pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. You gotta protect those eyes.

Spring can be rainy, for sure. But it can also be sun-drenched, vibrant and exciting as we spring into summer (no pun intended). That is why you need an awesome pair of sunglasses.

There has been a revolution for sunglasses in the fashion world. It’s no longer just simple gold aviators and black wayfarers. Now, you can buy sunglasses in different shapes, like round, cat eye and the newest addition, brow bar which became popular thanks to Dior. Sunglasses aren’t just in different shapes but all shades on the color spectrum are being incorporated, even the lenses. Color, flash and mirror lenses are running the scene with its edgy and fresh perspective, while designers use exciting colors and patterns, like ombré for the frame. For those who might not know, flash or mirror lenses are used to describe lenses in which the lens projects a color as the light (aka sun) hits it, creating a mirror effect. Sunglasses are no longer a simple necessity or accessory; sunglasses are now a statement piece and can make an outfit.

That is what I love about this Fashionista’s ensemble. She revolved this entire look around her new pair of lilac cat eye sunglasses which have a pinkish, purple mirror lens from Quay. Quay is an popular Australian sunglass company, who the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner can be spotted wearing. I am obsessed with these sunglasses. Not only are they adorable, but they are totally different from most pair of sunglasses because of the color and shape. It might seem intimidating to wear a pair sunglasses that are a distinctive color, like lilac, but follow tips from this Fashionista then it will seem easy.

This Fashionista kept it easy and simple with this purple Free People shift dress. The colors and pattern in this dress match perfectly and go along with the girly and retro feel of the sunglasses. To top it off, she laced up these Jeffrey Campbell gray ballet flats which keep it simple and delicate.

How To: Remember to pair the sunglasses with an outfit that naturally matches and keep it simple with color schemes and other accessories. You want people to notice the sunglasses!