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As we know, fashion has a way of repeating itself. From necklines to garment finishes, clothing from the past has emerged on the scene. Instead of seeking interest in overly large shoulder pads and big hair, we’ve become thriftier reinventing our favorite looks with a little bit of flair.

This Fashionista is pretty cool, you think? Her outfit is composed of several retro pieces from head to toe that created an awesome look. Upon first glance I noticed the popular hat and sunglass combo for the summer. Instead of the hat being placed at her crown, it was tilted backward allowing more of her face and streaks of her green and black hair to show. Her laid-back composure and dark sunglasses reminded me of the iconic John Lennon.

Then, I noticed her ‘80s inspired stone-washed high-waisted shorts that were folded at the hem. She told me they were originally jeans she found at a local thrift store. Because summer was approaching, she cut them to an appropriate length to make shorts. This short complimented her maroon tank top and open front cardigan nicely. The cardigan was constructed from a black and white knit fabric with black panels apparent on the three quarter length sleeves, plackets and trim. It draped past her short leading my eye to her shoes.

She incorporated a ferocious print in her shoe choice. You guessed it, cheetah!
But instead of a heel or sandal, she wore Vans. If you’re not familiar with this particular shoe brand, it gained popularity in the ‘90s through the use of skateboarding. Today, this sneaker is functional for non-skateboarders too. Depending on the print pattern and composition of the outfit, vans can take a supporting role or be the star in any casual outfit. In this Fashionista’s case, it served as a perfect accent along with her bright red lip.

By infusing looks from several generations, this Fashionista defined retro with a fedora, sunglasses, thrifty shorts, a cardigan and shoes while still reflecting her personal style.

How To: Visit your local thrift store and experiment! Make your own high-waist shorts. Dare to replicate styles from different generations and create one cohesive retro fit by focusing on prints and textures that compliment each other well.