ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hello Ochirly!

March 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

At Kent State, we have a large population of foreign exchange students that come to the Fashion School to study abroad. To me, it has always been fascinating to see what fashion brands they carry over that we do not have in the United States. This Fashionista’s style caught my attention right away, not only because of the interesting array of colors that she intermixed together, but because of her Ochirly cross-body bag. The design aesthetic alone was interesting and was definitely a conversational piece.

When I asked her about the Ochirly brand, she said it was a brand that she personally loved because it was not a brand many people purchase. Because of this, it has made her personal style different from many of her peers, which she enjoys. However, after doing some research on the Ochirly brand, I discovered why many might not be aware of its presence just yet. The brand personally caters to the Chinese mass market, only allowing their online website to be in the Chinese language. This would make it a hidden gem for Fashionistas in the states. However, I believe the brand is definitely worth pursuing further after noticing on their website their trend setting designs, unique colors, exquisite details and relaxed yet elegant fashion styles.

On the other hand, in addition to her eye-catching bag, she also paired together a mix of unique colors with her Ochirly accessory. From her cobalt blue coat to her emerald green shoes, she told me she loved adding pops of color to her style. I love this outfit simply for the fact that it is simple but created with great attention to detail in the accessories, making the overall appeal of this Fashionista’s style worth noticing.

How To: To imitate this look, the cobalt classic bouclé overcoat can be found at Forever 21. The emerald green loafers can also be found in white also at Forever 21. The tan fringed scarf can be purchased from Forever 21, and lastly, the Ochirly bag is no longer available, but other handbags can be purchased on their online website in the accessories category.