March 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

The Hawaiian shirt has been around for ages. The classic floral pattern seems to get a bad reputation as it is often dubbed a tourist look or a piece that older, unfashionable men sport. However, in recent years, the classic Hawaiian shirt has taken a turn to the fashionable side. No longer is this pattern sported by only your dad, who hasn’t updated his wardrobe in 10 years. But instead, you see young, fashionable J.Crew models donning this look when you take a gander at their website page.

This Fashionisto dons the Hawaiian shirt in a fashionable way, exemplifying just how much this pattern has been revived and renewed. The light blue floral pattern on his navy blue button-down allows the Hawaiian style to be exuded without the look being too overbearing. The key here is this subtlety in his collared shirt. He stays away from bright colors and cliche additives like pineapple or sunglasses on his shirt, keeping the look simple and clean. Additionally, to stray away from the dad look, fit is also essential to really pull this off. This Fashionisto sports a slim fit button-down instead of an oversized loose shirt showcasing his trim figure and youthful take on the look.

He pairs his summertime patterned shirt with a navy blue bomber jacket and some khakis to keep that cool vibe alive. His accessories are key to the outfit, as he sports a flat rim red hat and clubmaster Ray-Bans on top. By cuffing his khaki chinos, this Fashionisto is able to showcase his patterned navy blue socks and 998 New Balance sneakers. His touches of red in his hat and sneakers add a pop of color to his otherwise deep shaded outfit.

How To: If you are looking to sport that Hawaiian print shirt, don’t be afraid to go out and do so. However, simplicity is key here. To avoid looking like your 50 something old man, stick to a more subtle print and a tighter fit. You will be sure to pull off this look in a youthful way, showcasing how just about any old style can be reworked with a trendier take.