This week is getting a little bit warmer in Syracuse, although it is still just 12 degrees F. It is still the weather for dark colors and sweaters, but maybe we can put something new into our daily clothes. Heather gray is the color that matches with the snow view in Syracuse. This Fashionista is here to tell us how to use a special color, heather gray, to make your daily look a little different.

What this Fashionista does is choose a heather gray sweater in this cold weather. The cutout design makes her sweater seems more interesting and unique. Instead of wearing a simple gray scarf, she chose a heather gray scarf but with a smaller pattern to match with her sweater. Her heather gray coat also makes her whole look more congruous.

I like her kept it simple at the bottom. She does not wear blue jeans but wears black leggings. With a pair of Dr. Martens classic black boots, this look make her legs seem longer and does not cut her body into three pieces . A black skater skirt adds some cuteness and an extra layer to her look. Like a black leather jacket, Dr. Martens’ boots are always in. Her black leather backpack with studs give her some sharpness.

How To: Heather gray could be a good color choice for your winter clothes. Choose a heather gray item such as a scarf, sweater, knit skirt or knee-high socks to pair with your daily look. Black boots or sneakers will always be a good match.