ALL IN THE DETAILS: Heat Up the Basics

Happy summer Fashionistas/os! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and warm weather as much as I am! There’s just something about the summer that feels so refreshing. Maybe it’s the sunshine or maybe it’s being surrounded by the most beautiful greenery—I don’t know. I do know that I love it and I never want it to end! With summer comes heat, which causes a lot of us to simplify our outfit choices to keep cool.

This Fashionisto added all the right details to make this outfit flow together. I think the majority of guys, especially on a college campus, like to dress for comfort. The good news is that you guys out there don’t have to choose comfort over style! Just like this Fashionisto did, keeping it simple and to the basics you are able to have both comfort and style all in one. This Fashionisto started his outfit with a basic black T-shirt and threw on a patterned button-up shirt. Like I’ve mentioned, comfort is key and so he decided not to button the shirt up, keeping his outfit casual. He cuffed the bottom of his pants just to the top of his shoes to show the detail of the shoes. It’s hard often difficult to accessorize any outfit for guys, but a simple leather watch always adds just enough to an outfit. One simple, but the most important, detail in this outfit is how he kept all of the pieces in a neutral color palette; a detail that will always pull an outfit together.

So guys—don’t fall for the lie that you can’t be fashionable and comfortable at the same time, especially in the heat of the summer.

How To: Start off the outfit with a basic T-shirt and pants. Accessorize with different articles of clothing that make you feel confident, comfortable and express your style!