ALL IN THE DETAILS: Head(band) Over Heels

ALL IN THE DETAILS:  Head(band) Over Heels

Take some advice from the Greek Fashionistas of 475 B.C. and try adding a headband to your next outfit. For years women have been discovering the many ways headbands can spice up a look and take it from (as Drake would say) zero to 100 real quick. Fashionistas on the runway have been picking up on this accessory trend in 2016, and have utilized various materials and styles of headbands to stand out and rock the power of a hairstyle.

This Fashionista went for a look that will surely gain her some compliments throughout the day. Why? The headband of course! This pop of color brings her outfit to a whole new level, and with little effort. If you’re late for a summer class or internship, throw on a headband while running out the door and you’ll look put together every time without fail.

The simplicity of her outfit combined with the hair accessory makes for a cool-but-casual look. Her off-the-shoulder shirt paired with light denim jeans and a pair of sandals is based off of essentials every Fashionista should have in her closet, and leaves room for the main focus of her outfit to shine. She completes her look with a light blue bracelet that compliments the colors in her headband, and a leather tote bag to hold all of her necessities for the day.

How To: If you’re interested in mirroring this Fashionistas look, you have two options. You can either create your outfit based on the headband you have, or create your outfit and pick your hair accessory last. If you’re going with the first option like this Fashionista, pick a bold printed hairpiece and keep the rest of the outfit on the subtle side. Go with neutral tones like a white shirt and light denim to make your headband pop and avoid drawing away from the highlight of your look.