ALL IN THE DETAILS: Head to Toe in Black

Neiman Marcus once said, “Women who wear all-black clothing lead more colorful lives.” Most people love to wear black. Black clothing is a crowd pleaser because it’s flattering, sophisticated and can be worn to any event (or, if you’re me, to every event). Black has become my favorite color to wear, so you can imagine my panic when summer comes and I have to find a way to incorporate this necessary color into my wardrobe. Summer months are a challenge because you don’t want to look like you’re stuck in a winter funk! Focusing on the details in your clothing can make a huge difference in your outfit.

This Fashionista rocked all-black clothing with a summer flare. She wore a black, patterned blouse tucked into a pair of lace trim shorts. A cobalt blue satchel along with black corkscrew wedges polished off the look. She threw on simple jewelry to add a little sparkle. The reason I love this Fashionista’s look is because of the details in her outfit. Tiny details are easy to overlook and often forgotten (probably because we’re always in a rush!). However, this trendsetter’s attention to detail is clearly seen in the lace trim of the shorts, the pattern at the top of her blouse, the ridges in her corkscrew wedges and the combination of gold and rose gold jewelry. These details take the outfit from a clump of black clothing to a cool and sophisticated outfit.

Another thing to love about this outfit is the pop of color we see from the cobalt blue satchel. The color definitely brightens up the look! Plus, cobalt blue has recently been a trending color. The final aspect of this outfit that gives me that last push over the edge that make me screams, “I am totally in love with this look!” are the sunglasses. These Ray-Ban aviators are a must-have for summer! The gold frames shine as the sun hits them and they make the Fashionista look chic.

How To: Next time you try to pull off the all-black look this summer, remember to focus on the details. Patterns, textures, trims, sparkle, accessories or even a little pop of color can make a huge difference! Black is a classic and simple color. By adding these details, you can transform your look from plain and boring to fun and fashionable!