ALL IN THE DETAILS: Having A Braid Hair Day

Hair is practically an accessory in its own—topping off an outfit with the perfect “do” is as imperative as punctuating it with the best shoes. With that said, I think every Fashionista can agree that the hair is also one of the most daunting aspects of putting together an ensemble. Sometimes our hair can be unruly and uncooperative. Other times, we simply haven’t the time to attend to it properly before rushing out in the morning. Additionally, maintaining happy, healthy hair demands dedication and dough. We may fantasize about sporting the breezy, glamorous hair trends that are churned out each season, but oftentimes, those styles seem producible only in the hands of hair artisans.

Nonetheless, one style that is constantly being revisited and reinvented on the runways is the classic braid. Fashionistas are obsessed with braids, and I’m no different! Braid varieties range from French to Dutch, or fishtail to mermaid. There are versions with three, four or five strands, and plenty of other chic hair creations from fundamental to the virtuoso. The thing that is so captivating about braids is that, oftentimes, the most elegantly woven hair seems more complex than it actually is. Depending on how ambitious and dexterous the Fashionista is, a chic hairdo can be replicated in as less than two minutes.

The braids crowning this Fashionista’s head are a prime example of how a braided updo can be a cinch yet still appears to be elegant and complex. She corrals her locks into two three-strand braids, that she then drapes about the back of her head and pins into place. This kind of witty weaving recalls the hairstyles seen in some of the recent runways, such as the daring braids in Bibhu Mohapatra or Giorgio Armani’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collections. These hairdos also serve a meaningful function for the outfit.

Putting your hair up in braided styles is a great way to showcase accessories, such as a necklace, or this Fashionista’s one of a kind earrings. Also, her lofted hair complements the cowl neck of her sweater dress. During winter, the time of turtlenecks and scarves, braided updo’s are an effective way to counterbalance the high necklines, but they also transition well into spring. Braids evoke an essence of femininity and romanticism that will make you feel like a nymph in primavera. Plus, they will keep the hair off of your face and neck, which is always nice as the weather starts to warm up.

How To: An online search reveals a vast array of possible braided hairstyles, oftentimes complete with tutorials and instructions. There could quite possibly be enough do’s out there to do one every day! If you are thinking of jazzing up your hair repertoire with some braids, take some time to peruse these resources and invest in the proper tools. Dry shampoo or texturizing spray are useful products for sculpting braided looks. They’ll give your locks a quick lift and cleansing, perfect for busy mornings when time is not your friend.