ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats Off to Fall!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats Off to Fall!

With the annual rush of eager college students returning to their campuses, it feels as if our summer break suddenly concludes. Weeks of rest and relaxation lead to a new routine of class lectures, endless assignments and weekly club meetings. With the hot, humid and hazy weather staying with us, a day in spent in the library still feels like it should be spent at the beach. As students anticipate pumpkin spice lattes and crisp autumn air, they are cursed with repeating their outfits and wanting to break out their favorite fall fashions.

With the summertime still alive, Fashionistas and Fashionistos can create fresh summer-to-autumn looks with their choice of accessories. Since these accessories can be utilized as transitional pieces, they should be well thought out to match both your summer and fall wardrobes. These can include practical fashions for both seasons, such as scarves, hats, and a variety of jewelry to add trendy details to your look.

In the midst of preparing for the new semester, I spotted this Fashionista who ideally accessorizes her summer-to-school ensemble with rich autumn colors and stylish add-ons. Her bold statement necklace brings out the seasonal hues within her outfit. A deep teal mockneck top is perfect for the fall as her felt hat acts as a pretty transitional piece. Although this Fashionista sports embellished sandals and printed soft shorts, she can easily switch both of these summer necessities for fashionable boots and harem pants in the autumn. She completes her outfit by mixing her favorite bracelets and rocking a natural makeup look to keep comfortable in the heat.

Whether your clothes be old or new, don’t be afraid to mix-and-match fashions in your summer and fall wardrobes to pull-off looks you’d never expect to. If you have last year’s metallic combat boots, rock them with a bright summer skirt. Make it a resolution to wear daring outfits this semester. You’ll be remembered for your iconic looks, as well as your ability to wear your favorite fashions all year round!