Whenever I think of summer, I always imagine flowing maxi dresses and skirts, naturally styled hair and relaxation. Since I’ve lived in New York for over a month now, I’m slowly but surely learning the perfect summer look. While strolling through streets close to my apartment, I crossed paths with this Fashionista, who was dressed to impress and ready to bring in the weekend with style.

This Fashionista’s look goes perfectly with grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, having dinner in SoHo or even arriving to a late afternoon brunch in the Lower East Side. Her outfit is the perfect balance of light colors with a mix of darker hues. Dressing comfortably, this Fashionista decided to dress down with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, which go with virtually anything! To give off the most relaxed vibe as possible, she threw on a light green tank top with the most awesome stitching detail. To dress this look up a bit, she decided to pair the tank top and skinny jeans with a brown pair of leather clogs. This is a trend that is very popular within the city and one that I’m definitely eager to try in the near future. The light brown shade isn’t hard and ties the soft color from her top to complete the outfit.

However, an outfit is never fully complete without accessories. Of course, this Fashionista wouldn’t leave home without an oversized bag—a chic black leather one, at that. I’m always so weary mixing browns and black together, but in this instance, the light brown doesn’t clash at all with the tank or the clogs. Her entire look is a showstopper, but there is one detail that brings her entire wardrobe into full circle. Her oversized black summer hat is perfect to keep the blistering sun out of her eyes and block those ultraviolet rays, yet staying on trend. Hats are always a great alternative when you don’t want to overly style your hair. For this reason, I usually wear a beanie during the winter. Beanies don’t scream “summer” all too well, making this floppy hat a summer must-have. This is a look I’m inspired to try because this Fashionista is ready to take the city by storm. The sun isn’t going anywhere, which gives even more of a reason to pick up on the hat trend.

How To: Unsure of what style of hat to start off with? Opt for a monochromatic color that will go with any wardrobe and is perfect for both day and night. Once you’re comfortable sporting this look, take a chance and wear a hat made out a of a different material, such a straw hat, with a spiffy detail.