September 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

With everyone avidly anticipating the fall season, it seems as though transitional wear has become more of an afterthought than a calculated look. People, myself included, have been waxing on about their longing to wear hoodies, boots, etc. However we must remember to gradually embrace the change of season, otherwise it will be more than likely that you may walk into class and see a hoodie covered puddle of sweat that’s shape is similar to that of a human. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s gotten to the point where if you think you can get away with wearing a tank top and shorts all day you will be sorely disappointed when you get hit with that early morning breeze on your way to that morning class that couldn’t be rescheduled. Our solution for this classic dilemma is transition wear.

As this Fashionista demonstrates a dress can be worn as the fall season draws near, it is just a matter of the type of dress that is worn. For instance, here the Fashionista wears a dress made of a heavier material. This gives her exposure for when it gets too warm out, but won’t leave her shivering if the wind picks up. Dresses are great for versatility and can be worn with sweaters and cardigans to make the transition into fall a smooth one.

Although it would not be expected, hats work great for the pre-fall season as well. Obviously its basic functions are useful, i.e. blocking the wind/sun/visible bad hair days, but when styled well it can score major fashion points. This Fashionista used her hat to give her outfit a little something extra since she was wearing a simple black dress and sandals. The hat is a great detail to add because it is not something that is worn typically and therefore stands out. That, with the stunning pale blue bag she is wearing, and the watch detail tie her look together all while keeping her comfortable as well.

How To: The great thing about this Fashionista’s look is that getting it can be fun and easy. Grab a dress that can be worn with a variety of accessories and match it with an eye-catching hat, a show stopping bag and of course killer shoes. As always, don’t be afraid to add your own twist to the look yourself to make it as RAD as possible.