There are so many kinds of accessories out there and they go in and out of style. Hats, however, have seemed to stay on the radar. Fedoras and floppy hats have made their way into becoming a staple piece into every Fashionista’s wardrobe. They are popular for wearing during warmer weather, at places such as music festivals and the beach, but don’t limit yourself because these cute accessories are great for any season. There is a great variety of hats from beanies to fedoras to sunhats, but this Fashionista was spotted wearing a floppy hat that made her stand out from the rest.

Her outfit was simple and effortless but with the touch of a few accessories her look was an eye catcher. She wore a flowing black top with a pair of dark wash denim jeans. She added a grey jacket on top and matched it with a pair of grAy riding boots. To accessorize, she added a red statement necklace with a matching bracelet. And of course the look was complete with a large black floppy hat.

How To: Do you want to join in on the fun and try out some new hats? If you think you can’t pull it off, then you’re wrong. The fun thing about hats is that they can be styled in every way possible, whether it is a bohemian look or an edgier look. Start off simple by adding a fedora to a basic T-Shirt and jeans and then explore your options from there!