ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hats and Faux Fur Vests Are RAD

February 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

We all have those mornings when we have no idea what to wear, especially when we’ŕe in a hurry and we don´t even have the time to do our hair. The winter season is a great example of these types of situations. All we really want to do is just be cozy, warm and just put our hair up in a bun. But, obviously we eventually do end up getting tired of always having the same look every day. Sometimes we just don’t have the time, because we’re such in a hurry. Well that won’t happen again because this Fashionista has the perfect go-to outfit for these complications.

All you need is a hat, gold watch and a furry vest in order to make your outfit chic and stylish. Not only do they add such a unique touch to your outfit, but they’ll keep you warm. Floppy hats make a perfect addition when you’re having a bad hair day which is common during winter. Like this Fashionista, wearing a simple outfit, all-black with a faux fur brown vest and a pair of black ankle boots. These fashion accessories will make you look fancy and classy. This is a look I tend to always go for and it’s the reason why I’m a huge fan of them.

If you’re really trying to go for this look, then I really do suggest wearing these add-ons out of all other accessories. It is honestly the perfect go-to for a day and night look. Whether if you’re going out for lunch or dinner with friends, family or even on a date, these accessories are classic, but trendy. Also, absolutely anyone can pull these accesories off.

How To: Have you always been afraid to wear a floppy hat or a furry vest? A bad hair day during the winter season is perfect to wear them. Just remember to make the hat and the furry vest as the focus of your outfit.