The inevitable change between seasons gives you an excuse to pull that duffle bag full of summer’s clothes out from underneath your bed and replace your heavy winter sweaters and wool socks with denim cut-offs and your go-to crops. However, what happens when the west coast decides on a tug-o-war between two seasons?

In one corner of the ring, you have rainy winter, hanging on by the last few drops, causing you to bundle up underneath your bulkiest rain jacket for your walk through campus. In the other corner, you have the sun, who does not seem to want to surrender either. Halfway through your daily walk, the fight between rain and sun starts to get interesting; each seems to throw something new at you. Light raindrops kiss your cheeks, while soaking your hair, and before you know it, the sun is beating down and you start to kick yourself. Really, who would have thought that you should have brought sunglasses to a rainstorm? Ultimately, this leaves you and your closet confused about which season’s clothes should move in.

This Fashionista conquered the phenomena of fickle, Pacific Northwest weather. She solves this problem effortlessly by combining a few, basic pieces that transcend every season. She starts with a rayon, floral dress over a pair of opaque nylons. The floral calls for the coming of spring, while the tights let her fellow passerbyers know that she is not immune to the bite of the late-winter, early-spring air. Her layering genius ensures that she is ready for any weather, or punch, the Pacific Northwest might throw her way. She wears an open-face, cable knit sweater on top of her dress, ensuring that the colors match, in case an unexpected sunray might call for the removal of some layers. On top of this, she dons a waterproof piece of outerwear genius. This black overcoat allows for a stylish means of fighting off those unforeseen raindrops.

Hardly by chance, this Fashionista adds a pop of frosty color with her cloudy, teal pendant. The clever crown to her seamless style is a black rimmed, felt hat. This piece offers protection from the sunrays, as well as the raindrops. It succeeds in adding an air of contemporary sophistication to her delicate, floral-based palette. One might see this hat throughout every season, as it adds a chic spin to any multi-seasonal look. So, we raise our glasses and remove our hats to this Fashionista, whose polished look takes on the streets in both sun and rain.

How To: Wondering how you could bring this trendy headpiece with you to summer? Try for a taupe or tan, felt hat to lighten up your look to match those summer rays. Pair this with a light wash jean and a white washed tank for the ultimate look that speaks to the summer sun. You’ll be a vision in golden light.