February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Accessories are so versatile, yet they can either make or break your outfit. Accessories can dress it up or dress it down, depending on the occasion. Any article of clothing that is not a top, pants or shoes: I would classify as an accessory. Anything that you add to your basic essentials is considered an accessory. In Kanye’s latest collection, he uses hats to add to his monochromatic urban outfits. Kanye has quickly emerged as a fashion icon and more or less a legend in the fashion industry. He knows exactly how to use accessories to enhance his model’s attires.

This Fashionista chose to wear a hat as a key accessory. This hat adds a very urban flare to the denim on denim look. This hat makes this Fashionista’s whole look complete and without it I’m not too sure the rest of the outfit would be relevant in urban street style. It makes this look very casual and comfortable as well. I bet if you were to walk down the streets of New York City you could catch someone wearing an outfit almost identical to this Fashionista’s.

How To: If you would like to achieve this look, you do not have to wear exactly what this Fashionista is wearing; you can easily wear any jeans paired with sneakers or similar Timberland boots. You can wear any casual T-shirt or long sleeve shirt and you are free to play with colors in the top and bottom—in fact, I think a dark button-up and a light wash denim would really emphasize the urban vibe.