Summer is officially here, and what better way to celebrate than to look cute and hang out with the girlfriends! This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for those summer days when you just want to dress up while also staying cool. Adding small details to the outfit and the makeup will sure turn heads walking down the street, making an exciting statement to your look.

Every detail of this Fashionistas outfit in essential in making herself look bright and excited for summer. The makeup look she is wearing is a simple eye and bright lip. The bright lip is an essential with simple eye makeup, so it doesn’t look over done! Her lips even match her maxi dress, which is nice for those who like to coordinate a makeup and clothing trend together. The coral top half of the maxi dress complements the black and white striped mesh, adding an interesting contrast, and adds a casual vibe. Mixing patterns is a common trend in this outfit—in a good way! This Fashionista adds a pair of wedges that has a cutout floral design. Adding this pair of shoes with the stripes and the pop of color on top is an easy way to make the shoes pop because of the difference in patterns.

The final touch of the outfit (and my favorite) is a floppy hat! This is an adorable way to keep the sun rays out of this Fashionista’s face and shades the face well to show the makeup look.

How To: To dress the look down, while also incorporating the hat, this Fashionista wears a pair of high-waisted shorts, gladiator sandals, a crop top and a cardigan! She also might put her hair in a braid or a messy low bun!