ALL IN THE DETAILS: Grunge Meets Chic

As OneRepublic sings, “Woke up in London yesterday/ Found myself in a city near Piccadilly…”

Seriously though. I woke up this morning in Bloomsbury, London, which is a 10 minute walk to Piccadilly. I’m here with my two best friends and I couldn’t be happier to show you all the fashion this city has to offer.

This month’s post features a fellow Style Guru. We spent our first week exploring this new place we now call home and we’re so excited to try out some trendy pieces that we packed into our WAY over weight suitcases.

This Fashionista absolutely rocked this grunge look and by adding a little sparkle, she was able to transform it into such a chic look. My favorite part of her outfit was definitely her sick bright white Quinn boots from Circus by Sam Edelman. These are perfect for the wet streets of London this spring and can be paired with leggings and an oversized shirt for a rainy walk to class.

Her perfectly destroyed tights from Topshop are an amazing accessory for these upcoming cold months. You can wear them under shorts, skirts or even overalls.

The overalls she is wearing here are from Forever 21. Under them she wore a plain black long sleeve shirt with a lace accent down the sleeves and added a little sparkle with this awesome choker from Forever 21.

Finally she topped off this look with a cute plum hat from H&M and the most amazing lip pencil from NARS. This particular color was Palais Royal and I think it really brought out the red in her smoky eye shadow look. It also matched her hat perfectly, which really tied her outfit all together.

How To: Looking to dress up your look a bit? Make any outfit come full circle with a statement lip color. By adding a little pop of color, you can drastically change the look. My personal favorite lipsticks are MAC and NARS and will definitely stay on all day and night.