ALL IN THE DETAILS: Groovy Geometrics

March 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

I don’t know about you, my lovely readers, but when the weather is not up to par and the sun’s not shining I get a little bit grumpy—especially when it comes to dressing for the cold weather. I’m sure that many of us have just thrown on a pair of jeans in the morning to keep us warm when we really want to be wearing that cute vintage dress we bought for the spring. Alas, do not fret! There are ways to spruce up your wardrobe and look fabulous while bravely fighting off the piercing cold weather.

One of my favorite ways to add some extra dimension to a look is by wearing a fun pattern as the staple piece like this Fashionista did. She kept her look chic and simple by wearing a gorgeous pair of ’70s geometric pants with a plain white turtleneck. By keeping her top plain in terms of pattern it makes her pants the eye-catching piece of her overall look. This Fashionista also paired her outfit with some beautiful black leather booties and a black Prada purse.

Wearing a bold pattern as the centerpiece of your outfit is a great way to add dimension to any outfit, and is a fun alternative to wearing jeans throughout the colder days in New York City. You can also wear this outfit for many different occasions such as going to class, going out to brunch with your parents or having a picnic in the park.

How To: Swap out your jeans for a stylish pair of patterned pants! For a more casual look, keep your top simple by pairing the pants with a solid colored shirt. The pants will be the focal point of your look, so you can keep everything else neutral. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can mix match prints by wearing a shirt with a different pattern. You could also dress up the outfit for a girls night out by wearing a cute pair of heels and a leather jacket.