ALL IN THE DETAILS: Groove is in the Bell Bottom

March 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

In today’s sea of skinny jeans and fitted pants, this Fashionista caught my eye with the movement of her suede bell bottom pants. The flow and movement of a garment in fashion can change the entire look, which is what is so great about the bell bottom: it accentuates your legs and draws all eyes toward you. The bell bottom is a trend that has been in style for centuries. This pant first became popular for its functionality, worn by sailors in the War of 1812. Coco Chanel shed light on the pant in the ’20s, then allowing bell bottoms to be revamped again and again even decades after, most notably in the ’60s and ‘70s by the hippie subculture and celebrities.

On a campus like Kent State University here in Kent, Ohio, it only seems right that Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike pay tribute to the history of our university and the mark it made in 1970. This Fashionista accentuated her bell bottoms so well in her look with a very playful color palette, mimicking some popular shades from the ‘70s. The saturated brown tones in her pant and peacoat play on each other in a very cohesive way, but are different enough to stand out on their own in this outfit. A plain gray T-shirt underneath her jacket balanced the color palette and kept her comfortable.

No look is complete without at least a few minimalist accessories, and this Fashionista did a great job. She understood that the peacoat and bell bottoms were the main focus of her look, and was careful not to take away from that. She accessorized with two simple necklaces. Her classic pearl necklace and stone chain put a beautiful play on her look combining a relaxed, hippie feel while simultaneously adding class. The bell bottom pant gives off an easy-going look, and accessorizing with a string of pearls and a bright purse brings her outfit to the next level of leisure and luxe. The hue of her purse helps to add a lovely pop of color, hinting toward the oncoming spring season while personalizing her take on the ’70s-inspired look.

How To: If you want to try the bell bottom look and go full on ’70s, don’t be afraid to be bold! Grab a pair of chunky platform heels and swap the T-shirt for an off-the-shoulder crop top. Then, head out to a party or concert and get your groove on.