When the “jogger trend” started showing up on the scene, I never understood the appeal. “Why would anyone want to wear fancy sweatpants?” is exactly what I thought when I first spotted people wearing these pants, but this Fashionisto made me to a believer. Instead of looking like he’s ready to lounge on the couch, this Fashionisto looks ready for a backyard summer bash where he can show off his impeccable style.

This Fashionisto pairs his army green joggers with all-white, which has become a cultural staple for the summer. The basic white T-shirt will show off the golden tan that this Fashionisto has acquired in the summer heat and draws the attention to his in-style joggers. His outfit is completed with a crisp, white pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers in the updated version—which are built for comfort.

My favorite part of any menswear look is to see how it is accessorized. As a self-proclaimed sunglasses addict, I am a fan of how this Fashionisto adds a pair of Ray-Bans Classic Clubmaster sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sun and to show that he has an eye for style. To add a bit of arm candy he adds a silver watch to add some flair and sophistication along with two thin beaded bracelets.

How To: If you’re nervous to try the jogger trend, look to this Fashionisto for inspiration and start small. Don’t go full jogger; try a pair of khakis with a small band of elastic on the ankles. Also, add a pair of designer sneakers or even a pair of high-top Nike Jordans to complete the look.