ALL IN THE DETAILS: Graphics Stop Traffic

No matter where you go or what kind of event is being held, hats are a great summer trend. Hats have many benefits; much like sunglasses, they block the sun as well as they keep you cool. The most important part of a hat’s job is to pull your outfit together.

There are different kinds of hats, but let us specifically talk about graphic hats! Most of the time, they are picturesque and make your outfit stand out more than it would alone. This draws your peers in to your face area and makes it the center of attention. Graphic hats are also a great conversation starter, seeing that you cannot find them in every store.

This Fashionisto has a brilliant hat that displays fish—normally a very odd pairing unless you were a fisherman of some sort. But, with the hat being the form of a cap instead of bucket hat, he passes this look off as trendy instead of sporty. There are more than just fish that can be displayed on caps. The options are endless these days from a basic design or even elaborate objects.

Graphic caps are a good thing to have in your wardrobe. No matter if you are more masculine or feminine, you can make the look work for you! (One of the best places to where this accessory would be on the beach—just a tip!).

This Fashionisto has decided to style his hat around a long sleeve button-down shirt and some jeans. He has also added a few accessories to the mix but nothing that outshines the hat.

How To: Have you always wanted to try wearing a graphic hat, but didn’t feel you could pull it off? Well, whether you are a Fashionista or Fashionisto, you can rock the look! The best way to wear one is by keeping your outfit simple, with basic colors and nothing flashy—let your hat do all of the talking.