ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gotta Keep Your Pants Up

September 30th, 2015 at 2:10am

Trends come and go, and more often then not, they make a huge return. Some staples, on the other hand, never truly fade away, but rather continue to make impacts in the industry, and continue to modernize with the times. Well, a good old pair of suspenders would definitely fit into that category. This accessory began as an undergarment, and was made for functional purpose, rather than fashion purposes. These date all the way back to almost 200 years ago, in 1820, when Albert Thurston created the design as a way to hold the classic high-waisted pants that all the men of the time were wearing. Suspenders continued to be a functional and basic necessity of any man’s closet throughout the 20th century; however, their popularity began to decrease as the style of pants changed, and belts became a more realistic approach to holding up a man’s pants.

So how do we modernize this vintage staple? Well, this Fashionisto took this basic staple and made it a focal point of his ensemble. By pairing his suspenders with a classic white button-down, the outfit begins to reflect a clean-cut professional style. The light blue pants, along with the chestnut oxfords, add not only a pop of color, but also a playful touch with the otherwise professional and preppy style of the outfit. Overall, the suspenders and the colored pants bring a quirky impression to the look, and prove just how important every detail can be in an outfit.

How To: Suspenders can be worn many different ways, and can be used to represent many different styles. Whether you’re going for a professional look, you may want to take a neutral pair of suspenders, along with a matching pant and white button-down, or even a casual look, by taking a simple pair or jeans, a fun printed pair and a basic T-shirt underneath. The bottom line is that the options are endless, and create an abundance of styles for both men and women. So Fashionistas/os, how would you style your suspenders?