Color schemes are important in the fashion world because they create the mood of an outfit. By using color schemes, you can add a pop of color to highlight a specific part of an outfit or you can keep the look simple. This Fashionista adds a beautiful blue to her subdued nude and green tones.

This Fashionista took color scheming to a new level. She started her outfit with muted tones, using army green pants, nude heels and a nude crop top. She even had nude nails to match. Then, she added a bright blue blazer to finish her outfit. She’s still using a solid color scheme in her look, but the blue blazer adds a pop of color in an otherwise muted color situation.

By adding the blue blazer, this Fashionista is breaking up the monotony of the army tones in her outfit. She is experimenting with different color schemes and seeing which colors work better in different situations. She keeps her makeup natural and wears a nude lipstick to highlight her lips, as well as keep her original color pattern intact.

How To: This look is chic, and you’re in luck because it’s easy to recreate as well. Step one: grab a pair of pants. They can be jeans, equestrian pants or any others that you have. Make sure they aren’t patterned. Step two: grab a solid shirt. It can be a crop top (like this Fashionista’s) or any other solid shirt. It can be a different color than the pants or the same. Step three: Add a pop of color. Add it on your lips, in your jacket, on your shoes or even your nails. This pop of color can go anywhere, and then you’ve got your look.