ALL IN THE DETAILS: Got Me in Chains

I am the biggest fan of completing an outfit with non-traditional jewelry. I’m talking oversized necklaces that my cousins usually make fun of me for and continuously ask if a gypsy lost her necklace. Recently, I discovered one of the most cutting-edge jewelry trends around: body chains. Body chains have easily become one of my most prized possessions this summer.

At first, I noticed many Fashionistas using body chains to add chic style to their little black bathing suit at the beach. But I have fallen in love with making these hidden gems stand out in situations beyond a lazy day by the shore. When putting on a body chain, I cannot help but feel like Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella or Beyoncé in her “Drunk in Love” music video. These statement pieces give me some sort of confidence that easily goes without saying.

This Fashionista was spotted sporting one of my favorite ways of showing off a body chain. Her army green overalls paired with studded platform sandals, and perfectly topped off with a handmade body chain from one of her best girlfriends, is the definition of casual yet chic all wrapped up into one. When looking at this outfit, I can’t help but love every single thing about it. The body chain adds a pop to her look without making it seem like she is trying too hard.

How To: If you do not own a body chain, run to the mall right now and change your closet for the better. Body chains have been one of my greatest purchases, and I regret absolutely nothing about that. Body chains can be worn with almost anything, just be confident about the transformation you are about to make.