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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Got a Hunch About Bunches

April 8th, 2016 at 2:06am

Winter may be coming to a close, but that only temporarily solves our winter-related fashion issues. The season most people dread, yet I secretly love, will be back again in full force before we know it. The one thing many people struggle with in wintertime is remaining fashionable while trying to stay warm. Well, this Fashionisto has the solution for you. The answer to the big question is a giant, bunched oversized collar!

This outfit detail isn’t just there to make a statement, but it is functional and serves a purpose. I don’t know about you, but one of my least favorite things is a cold draft blowing against the back of my neck on a winter day. Most of us already struggle with the cold. So, why not try to beat it with this oversized fashion statement?

This Fashionisto keeps warm in the cool weather with a Naketano sweatshirt featuring an bunched, oversized collar. He then layers a weatherproof jacket over the sweatshirt to break up the look, making himself warm and keeping his look stylish. Jeans are always a great staple, especially when you find just the right fit. This Fashionisto has found the right pair of jeans that aren’t too tight yet give him just the right shape. He then finishes off his cozy, fashionable look with a gray beanie. All the colors worn here are different, but since they are all neutral they do not compete against each other making the outfit unique and harmonious at the same time.

How To: If you have longer hair and are trying to pull off this crucial winter outfit detail, make sure you wear your hair up so the bulk around your neck does not bother or mess with your locks. I also suggest that if you are looking for pieces of clothing that have this style collar to have a thicker material, so the collar remains standing up throughout the day and doesn’t eventually fall down or slouch.