Are you ever walking through a mall and all of a sudden stop in your tracks because you see something in a window that you want? That is one of the best feelings when it comes to fashion. When you know you want it and you can’t get it off of your mind, you know you need to get it. I believe that something like this happened to this Fashionista.

I couldn’t help myself from stopping this Fashionista today on campus. Her vintage Baja hoodie was something that I could not get past. These types of hoodies are becoming very popular because they bring comfort and style—the best of both worlds! The bright blues paired with the light white and grays in this particular hoodie complement each other perfectly. Also, the patterns on it definitely make it something that catches everyone’s eye! This hoodie is the spotlight of this Fashionista’s outfit in which she based everything else around.

She paired this hoodie with a pair of black ripped jeans that brought out the black in the patterns. She wore a pair of black and white cowboy boots that also matched the color scheme of her entire outfit. Accessory wise, I think this Fashionista’s personality beamed through. Her long necklace was a pale blue, which matched the blue tones in the hoodie while still being different enough to stand out against the patterns. She also wore a simple necklace with the word “Aloha” on it. This Fashionista shared with me that she lives in Hawaii, so by wearing this necklace, she is able to always have a piece of home with her. Lastly, her backpack and sunglasses brought a little more of her personality to her ensemble. Overall, she was able to blend the latest trends in with her own style and taste.

How To: Do you have a vintage Baja hoodie that you want to wear? Throw it on, and pair it with some black jeans that match almost everything. Add your favorite pair of boots, and you’re ready to head out to tackle the day!