January 11th, 2016 at 2:10am

While I’m all about winter fashion, road salt remains my ultimate nemesis; it ruins shoes and permanently damages pants and tights, not to mention it is horrendous to all kinds of materials, especially leather. On heavily snowy days, it’s therefore essential to own a chic and warm parka that still allows one to look stylish, and keep the outfit as simple as possible. Nobody will sympathize with someone who cries after having taken out leather designer boots out in a snowstorm.

Under circumstances where the clothes’ only purpose should be to provide warmth, the best way to make a statement is by tastefully accessorizing and focusing on the details. A form-fitting black sweater paired with classic skinny jeans are perfect to add some jewellery and still look comfortable but trendy. Pictured here, a chic Fashionista stays sophisticated with her geometric earrings, that she accentuates by pairing them with a quirky textured triangular necklace, and on her fingers, she sports a ring on each hand.

What’s so perfect about this outfit is how it doesn’t try hard at all; there is a recurring blend of the black, matte fabric and the shiny golden jewellery. There is a glimpse of glamour that makes our Fashionista look dreamy, and not overbearing at all. Last but not least, the fringy arm candy she carries completes the look so well.

This look calls for a combination of the sublime and the ordinary. This is a reminder that being warm and stylish at the same time is entirely possible, and this Fashionista is the living proof.

How To: Duplicating this mature look can be easy and quick! Just make sure to have a sturdy pair of boots, flattering jeans, a warm sweater and leave it there to keep it simple. The main focus should be on accessorizing the simple outfit with some sharp earrings and a fun necklace to frame your face and add some colours, and with a cute ring and a stellar watch to really complete the statement. Cuddle in a cozy parka if it’s cold, but if you don’t encounter such cold weather on your campus wrap yourself in a chic capelet.