You love the look of wearing all one color because it’s daring, but you also hate wearing all of one color because it’s bland. What’s the fix? A statement necklace! Bold necklaces have (and always will be) the perfect way to stand out and spice up an otherwise basic or monochromatic outfit.

This Fashionista flawlessly pulls off both of those trends by wearing all black and adding her personal flair with the gold vintage necklace. Gold is the perfect color to wear with black because it adds a dressy vibe while not looking like you’re trying too hard. This particular look is classic, yet edgy thanks to the deer head with antlers and swooping, decorative lines – it’s chunky, yet feminine.

The gold played up to a further extent by the various pieces she chose to wear with this particular vintage necklace. Her dress, a 90’s black velvet turtleneck maxi, is the perfect staple to wear without being too bland, or on the other hand, drawing attention away from the center of her outfit – the necklace. You can find a similar dress here!

She perfected her look by adding another texture (in addition to the velvet and metal): leather. Her vintage leather lace-up combat boots make her look casual enough for a day of shopping downtown, and her leather backpack further adds to the casualness of this outfit. While this could have been too much for a daytime look, her leather accessories played down the dressy aspects of the dress and necklace combination by adding a playful urban vibe.

How To: Need to dress up a monochromatic outfit?  Find a chunky necklace in your favorite color, metallic or not, to add a dash of added style to rock the perfect urban look.