ALL IN THE DETAILS: Goldie Two Shoes

We’re in our first full month of the school year and it’s finally becoming fall! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been keeping up with New York Fashion Week and the various new trends for the season. I love how athleisure is becoming more popular and that now a good pair of sneakers is a fashion statement. Lucky for you, this article is all about how you can make your casual weekend outfit into something more edgy with a few simple accessories!

This Fashionista is wearing black leggings, a jersey tee-shirt and gold sneakers accessorized with a quilted leather bag and mixed-metal jewelry. She keeps its simple by sticking with all black. Although an all-black outfit may seem a bit too easy, she spices it up with choosing a mesh top. Different textures and fabrics when having an all black outfit make a look more interesting. Additionally, this Fashionista also really put a lot of focus on her variety of accessories. She took the sneaker trend to a whole new level by picking out all gold shoes. Finally, she did something completely different with her hair than what we normally see for a casual look. Try out putting your hair in braids or even french braids!

How To: This look is really easy to recreate. Grab a black shirt and pants and accessorize your look! Pick a pair of really cool shoes to go along with the athleisure trend. Glam it up by adding your favorite jewelry pieces to make your outfit shine that much more.